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Fritters (Tocinei) from Bucovina - Apple version

This is one of my favorite recipe of easy snacks or dessert of my childhood! It is very specific for the area I grew up in (Bucovina) and I have not met someone that does not love them. There is also savory version - made from fries and cheese.

Ingredients :


  1. Peel the apple and then grate them.

  2. Mix the grated apple with the egg and salt and optionally sugar. Mix well and then sprinkle the flour bit by bit till you have a paste.

  3. Preheat a pan with sunflower oil over medium fire.

  4. Create from 1 spoon of mixture the “tocinei” (fritters) and cook them on both sides until they are golden. (3-4 minutes on each side)

  5. Put the fritters over a paper towel to dry any excess of the oil.

  6. You can eat them simple, cold or warm! In Romania usually traditioanlly you may add on top creme fraiche and your favorite jam. I prefer them simple, especially that I share them also with the little one :)


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